Thursday, September 17, 2015

How did I do?


Our bearded dragon we were sitting watching Hogan's Heroes
I want to refashion a variety of clothes. I have so many "almost perfect" things.
Um....nope never really got to it. Just on Thursday I refashioned something for our teacher's Westerned themed banquet but nothing I really needed. lol
I want to sew some seasonal decorative pillows and a new swimsuit....I have a new design idea!
I did sew a new swimsuit. Turned out five....even if not quite how I imagined it. No pillows too.
As you know from my house tour, my bedroom is not done. So this is a big project! There is a lot of work that needs to be done! furniture....get rid of furniture.
Yes! I finished it and I still love my bedroom!
I have some smaller updates planned like getting rid of the carpet I have right now.
Out...but not sold yet!
Attic Room:
We have a little room seperate of our apartment that functions as a "basement". I need to go through all the stuff and organize....this will be a HUGE project.
We actually finished this in a day. SURPRISE! Patrick and I got it done. We actually kow what's we own and where it is.
I need to finish my Wedding and Honeymoon album....for my Wedding anniversary?! This is an awesome project while watching a movie.
Nope...I did start and finished my paris smash book! Can't wait to show it.
I am so looking forward to our trip to Paris! And even though all the big things are booked I still need to plan what we'll see.
We went and it was the highlight of our trip!
Church Camp:
Every 2 years our church meets up with like minded churches to fellowship and hear preaching. I am so looking forward to the relaxing time. Patrick and I still need to practice our special music.
Patrick and I did not get to sing our song together but we did do one special music with a friend from church.
With all the sewing & crafting I am planning....means there will be lots of new blog posts! Also, my blog will be transferring to Wordpress in the near lots of changes here!
My blog did move....but I did not write a lot of blog you noticed by the long silence.
I have two new birds that are not really afraid of the hand...but not totally trained to go on your Finger....another project I will be working on each day. 
Not each day...and not me...MY birds like Patrick better..oh well. Isn't it always that way?
Patrick and I are on a diet this summer. We already started a few weeks ago. But our diet means totally changing our way of eating. We are changing how much we eat, what we eat and when we eat. This is not an easy change but it has forced me to finally work on one of my goals for this year....meal plan! I'll also be sharing many of the good recipes I come across. I may do a post with all our changes.
We had our off days but we are still sticking to our "diet". And I have tried many new recipes...I have to share my favorites!

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