Monday, October 19, 2015


Currently on the blue birdhouse
 1. First day of school // 2. Fall Mantle // 3. Indians // 4. Radio Station // 5. DIY banner // 6. Do you know him? // 5. My students // 6. Pumkin Spice // 9. Happy!

I’ve been enjoying listening to “Old Fashion Christian Music” over my App “Live 365”. No adds or announcement just beautiful classical hymns.
All all the new Seasons starting back up from the Series we finished in the Spring. If you want a nice funny oldie to watch I can recommend “Court Jester”….we just watched it with some friends for our movie night
All my school books…still trying to get familiar with this years school material.
Working on:
Getting my apartment into the fall spirit. Still want to sew a few fall pillows! We’ll see if I’ll get to it and I am wanting to give you all a fall tour in the new future.
Fall decoration. Nothing big….just keeping creative.
Date night with my hubby this Oktober. We want to do a date night once a month…but we missed it in September.
Other than the “normal” school stuff we are learning about Indians (Native Americans). The kids (and I) are really enjoying it!
Already about Christmas! Christmas gifts…and Patrick and I really would love to travel to the US….but we will have to wait till next year.
Pumkin Spice Coffee. My dad sent me some Pumkin Spice Creamer from the States….Mhmmmm, so good! And soooo much cheaper than Starbucks!
Maybe this is more wanting….I really want/need more blazers in different colors. I just love the idea of substituting cardigans with blazers making any outfit more dressy and classy…..and doesn’t a blazer just make a nice formal teacher look?

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