Monday, September 14, 2015

Back To School

My first day of school was a good one. I was so tired on the end of the day but we had a good start together. So far I have 14 beautiful 2nd graders in my little classroom. We 've been working on raising our hands and sitting still after 6 weeks of really isn't easy....but my new classroom management plan is working. I now need to get better at being strict and consequent. ;)


P1190188 P1190193

My classroom theme is woodland animals. I stayed with the same theme like I had last year. At a local store they had soooo many school supplies with an woodland theme!!! Ah! I bought everything they had...well not quite but enough.
The tree you see is a big favorite...even amoung the other students. They always love to come by and look around.
Funny: My new student that came from a school that never got homework was quite shocked when he got his first homework assignment today: "Mrs. B....when will I have time to play!?" Hehehe.... poor kid. And all it was was memorize a verse till Friday! :D
I am hating having to get up early again...but I do enjoy my job of inspiring learners. As a friend told me today "I love seeing you here in school because you just glow".

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