Saturday, August 29, 2015

Paris || Day 3

Our last day site seeing Paris.... was a day full of anticipation. After a short stop one last time at the Eiffel Tower to take some cool tourist pictures we had two special things planned for the day!
P1180457 P1180475 P1180489 P1180491 P1180496 P1180502 P1180503 P1180504 P1180511 P1180522 P1180532 P1180533 P1180535 P1180565 P1180576 P1180612 P1180615 P1180620 P1180642 P1180664 P1180691 P1180710 P1180633 P1180638 P1180712 P1180720 P1180725 P1180728 P1180730 P1180736 P1180740 P1180768


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