Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Paris || Day 2

The second day's big agenday was going to the Notre Dame and then our trip ON the Eiffel Tower. The seond being the most exciting of are a "few" pictures of our day.
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 The Notre Dame was a pretty Cathedral. Patrick was more the one to want to go see it having read/heard about it from books and movies.
The line to go inside was a VERY long one but thankfully a steady flow, so the wait was not long at all. Once inside there was a mass going on but we just took in the mighty looking architecture and stained glass windows. We also looked at the treasury.... lots of VERY old and expensive things! Another thing thing we got to see was Jesus "real" crown of thorns...aha...yeah.
After we saw everything to see inside we got in line (with a bunch of other people) to go to the top. There we waited 1.5 hours to go see the view from the top of the Notre Dame. Really neat!
After a boat tour on the Sein River we took a few pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower. Soon it was time to mee with our skip-the-line guide to go up on the Eiffel Tower.
I am telling you....the money is so worth it. Passing all those people standing in line for 3+ hours and just going right up. (If we calculated how much the wait would cost our pay: 10€/h x3 x2 = 60€ Time is Money!!) And I payed way less for our tickets! lol I can only recommend skip the line tickets....anyway....
Once we were up there the lady actually gave those that wanted a tour, pointing out the famous buildings around the Eiffel Tower, telling about when & why they were built and by whom. She was very enteraining and educational.
After the tour we were on our own and Patrick & I made our way to the top level. After a bit of wait we were up there....Patrick a bit nervous but both of us enjoying the view.
We had gone up on the Tower right as the sun was going we first got to enjoy the sun set in Paris and once we were on the top all the lights were on in Paris.
Soon we made our way back down, deciding on seeing the Tower start blinking than going on the first floor....and we made it! And ofcourse, we had to do the tradition of kissing during the blinking lights.
The second day was a successful day.

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