Monday, August 3, 2015

New Birds

Welcome my two new birds! A turquoise male parakeet named Teal'c and a blue female named Nila (blue). This was their first time out of the cage.  Those two really know how to fly! Compared to my birds I bought in the past (at a pet store) these two are just so much calmer than these two I bought (at a breeder).
As you can see, Nila is on Patrick's hand.
Let me tell you how we came about to getting them.
As you know I had 4 birds until my yellow "Summer" died early last year. The three were happy together so I just left it at that.
Two weeks ago my blue bird "Lake" somehow got out never to be seen again. So I had two birds sitting around doing nothing all day. I knew I needed some new birds.
All of the smaller (and cheaper) pet stores around here have closed in the last 2-3 years leaving a huge but good pet store be the only place you can really buy pets around here. The store is great but expensive. Once I saw their prices I thought I could look into getting birds from an actual the research began.
I finally found one not to far away and got in contact with here. After a few days of messaging each other we went to her place last Monday to check out her birds.
There we found an entire room devoted to the parakeets where than fly and be birds. When we got there we first sat down to discuss which birds were "ready to move". After that she gave Patrick and I some millet and had us hold it out for the birds. Slowly one bird after the other flew to our hand, head and shoulder wanting to get their share of millet. What an awesome experience it was!!
We made our decision for the two above and she caught them. And home we went with two new parakeets!
Now we just need to teach them that they can trust us....which is hard since we my two old birds are a bit fearful sending the two new ones the wrong message. It will be a slow process...but I hope it will be fruitful.

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