Monday, May 26, 2014


I think I dreamed more of my engagement pictures than wedding pictures..... I had something particular in my head and it came out way better than I hoped and imagined.
Since I got engaged in the US and wanted these pictures in my invites, I needed to find someone to take pictures of us. I had no idea where to look... I didn't want to pay to much but I did want someone semi good at taking pictures. When I said that Patrick's sister mentioned a lady in church that has a photography business. So off I went to look if she had a website......and I was impressed!
I asked her about it at church and she was very flexible and excited to do it....and so was I. We all were busy moving and we had been having a lot of rain......but we set a date and just did it.....and here is what came out. 

Also, all our pictures were done without touching....but still look sweet & romantic

I totally loved the mother-daughter team from Double Takes Photography.....they made me & my man feel relaxed. They came with their own ideas and were more than willing to do my ideas too. If you live in the Nashville area I truly recommend them.... Another bonus: They have GREAT prices!

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