Thursday, March 5, 2015


To be honest....after my Valentine decorating I haven't been working on any projects but I have many planned. In the above picture, the left bottom corner  you see a snapshot into my bedroom. I love the rustic country look.
Tried 2 new recipes this past week and redid another 2 I already tried. I am not a big cook. Most everything I make taste good but I like to stick to the quick through together meals (all from scratch of course).
But I do enjoy trying to make that meal I pinned on pinterest. Planning on sharing those 2 recipes on here soon.

My photography hobby is now limited to taking quick pictures on my phone....but I love keeping my life documented with pictures. See the rainbow picture above? Just yesterday on a sunny winter day it suddenly rained. Shortly afterwards I saw a WHOLE RAINBOW. I squealed and scared poor Patrick but he then pulled over to let me take a picture. And then I was a double rainbow.
Patrick picked up his visa card!!!! YAY! And I  finally have my husbands last name. It's kinda a long story but Germans have their own little rules...and finally we got all the paperwork done.
In math we are learning to use money and we needed a "clerk" to buy our imaginary things from with our paper money.This is wear Mr Scheinebild and his daughter Liselotte came to life. lol They love my people I draw and the stories behind them.....problem is I have to redraw them every time we "buy" things.

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