Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Crazy Week


This past week had a lot of highlights in it.....not your typical week of same ol' business.
Well first thing was going back to work. After having 3 weeks off for Christmas and enjoying the "stay-at-home-wife" time it was a hard adjustment again. But I enjoy my work and totally love my kids... so it's fun. Now I am back to planning everything for the next day,  keeping house  & cooking between work and other activities.

The second thing this week is the biggest and best. Many of you have been following for quite some time and may remember {this} post from last January of when Patrick did NOT get his work permit. We had plans, we had dreams and I definitely thought he would be getting his work permit and when he didn't everything seemed to crumble around me. But God had different plans. We ARE married now....and HE GOT HIS VISA AND WORK PERMIT...wait for it....for 3 years!! Aaaahh!!! We are so thrilled. After that he should the "forever one".
The next special event of this week was my grandma's birthday. It was fun to celebrate it at our house.....to actually be the one doing the cooking.  It's nice to have my own home.
The last exciting thing of the week was the fire safety course we participated in. On Saturday we had a fire safety meeting at church.  It is a requirement in Germany for the "workers" at a building to participate in such a meeting to be able to know what to do in case of a fire emergency....especially if there are a lot of people involved such as a church. Surprisingly the meeting was very interesting and educational. Afterwards we were able to use various fire extinguishers to put out a "fire" so we are more familiar on how to use them when there is a real fire. Patrick got an almost empty one....again...and he likes making silly faces. I just love this picture.....like he's bored putting out fires.

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