Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goals 2015

So the last few days of 2014 I've been thinking which goals I should set for myself this year. I want something doable but challenging..... 
This is what I came up with:
Drink More... Water
This is actually two goals in one. First of all I just want to drink more....I don't drink enough and my body feels it. Secondly, I want to drink water. I had this goal 2 years ago. It was hard but this year I really want to make water my basic drink. I don't drink sodas just apple juice dilluted with water....but I want to stick to just water.
Create a Recipe Planner
First we have to establish which recipes we enjoy and then I want to do better at planning meals. Right now it is more of a stressful "What do we eat tonight?" "Do we have everything for this recipe I quickly found on pinterest?" This is going to be  slow process but I think will make cooking easier in the future.
New Blog Design
I already started working on this one. I know this blog will be taking a new direction as I start a new chapter in my I want this place to match this new direction and become more professional
No eating after 8 p.m.
I know there are people that do not eat after 6 but this will be a hard adjustment at first. Time goes by way to quickly and before you know it is 7:00/ 7:30 and we haven't eaten dinner.... I think this will get easier though once I get better at planning my meals ahead.
Go to Paris
We got some cruise tickets from my dad for our wedding that are good for a year. We want to use that for an excuse to travel to Paris and see the "City of Love"
Photo a Week
I had this goal last year and didn't do to well of keeping up with picking the picture of the week. An advantage  I have this year is owning a smartphone.... I'll post likely be posting them on my instagram account and sharing a monthly roundup at the end of the least that is the plan.
Spiritual Goal
I think it is important to have spiritual goals so I can reach the next level spiritually. I want to be quicker to find opportunities to witness. I want to get better at my Bible reading. Since I started working I've had days of slacking. I want to pray serious talking conversations....not your quick bedtime prayer. Instead of "wishing" things were different...praying for God's help. He is the only one that can help.
So what are some goals you have set for yourself this year?

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